Ace Archers, Inc.,  131 Morse St, Foxboro, MA  508-697-5647

Ace Archers is a full service, indoor, air conditioned and heated archery range for all your shooting needs. We can teach you to shoot a bow for recreation, tournament or hunting. We help you choose a bow to shoot. We can help you choose arrows and build them for you. We can help you set-up your bow to shoot properly with your arrows and you!

Don’t know anything about archery?

We have instructors who share their knowledge and passion about archery with you. We have rental equipment you can use.


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Range Rates are $14/hour/person with our equipment and $12 /hour/person with your equipment. Instruction about the range, shooting technique and safety included.

Rates and Rentals



Tuesday - Friday

3:00 PM

9:00 PM


9:00 AM

6:00 PM



5:00 PM


Walk-ins are always welcome! We reserve lanes for walk-ins.

We recommend you make a reservation for Saturday and Sunday.

The next First Archery Class is 6/28.

Catching Fiire, SF Axiom and SF Premium Bow Sets on Sale!

Beginners Archery Camp 8/12/14.

Intermediate Archery Camp 8/26/14.

Coming to shoot?