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Cobweb Classic

The Cobweb Classic is an event co-sponsored by Ace Archers, Inc. and Brandeis Archery Club. The event is a fund raiser for the Brandeis Archery Club all the proceeds are being split 50-50 between Brandeis Archery Club and Ace Archers, Inc.

The 2014 Cobweb Classic is an indoor tournament with two events. The first event is a Individual Event on 9/19/14 to 9/21/14 and the second event is a Team Event on 9/21/14.

The Individual Event is a Star FITA 18 Meter Indoor Round. You can shoot on Friday at 7:00 PM or Saturday at 10:00 am or Saturday at 1:00 PM or Saturday at 4:00 PM or Sunday at 10:00 am. You are shooting 60 arrows, 3 arrows per end, at a distance of 18 meters. There divisions are FITA Olympic Bow (Recurve), FITA Compound Bow, Longbow (Traditional and Modern American combined), Traditional Recurve, and FITA Barebow.  The categories are Senior, Master 50+, Master 60+, Junior, Cadet, Cub, and Bowman. See the Texas Archery Distance Summary for age information. The World Archery Target Archery Rules are in effect for the Olympic Recurve and Compound divisions.  USA Archery Traditional rules are in effect for Longbow and Traditional Recurve. USA Archery Dress Code is in effect for all competitors. The Individual Event fee is $20 for youth (20 years old and younger) or $25 for adults (older than 20 years old). Individual Awards are presented after the Sunday 10:00 am line.

The Team Event is a single elimination team round. Each 3 person team shoots 3 ends of 6 arrows against another team. Each team member shoots two arrows. The team has two minutes to shoot all 6 arrows. The team members may shoot in any order. A “Team Coach” may be present to help the team. To participate in the Team Event you must shoot in the Individual Event for team ranking.  There are five team types, Ladies Recurve, Ladies Compound, Gentlemen Recurve, Gentlemen Compound and Open. For Recurve Teams - all team members will shoot a FITA Recurve Bow - teams will be either all ladies or all gentlemen. For Compound Teams - all team members will shoot a FITA Compound Bow - teams will be either all ladies or all  gentlemen. For Open Teams - all team members may shoot any kind of bow and ladies and gentlemen may be on the same team; but the teams must be mixed, by gender or bow type. If you want to shoot the Team Event but are unable to form a team, we will attempt to place you on a Open Team. The Team Event fee is $15 per team or $5 per individual for the Open Team. Team Event Awards are presented after the Team Event is finished.

Applications for both the Individual Event and the Team Event are here.

The Individual Event is held on September 19th to September 21st 2014. The Team Event is held on September 21st 20134at 1:00 PM.

The tournament is held at Ace Archers, Inc., 131 Morse St., Foxboro, MA 02035. You can get directions here.

For more information contact Tom Herrington at 508-697-5647 or email Email about the tournament is not accepted after Wednesday, 9/18/2013 at 8:00 am.

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