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Everyone that joins the group archery classes becomes a member of Ace Archers JOAD Club. What does Ace Archers JOAD Club do for you? It provides access to archery friends, archery information, archery coaching, archery learning and access to tournaments. The coaches in your Ace Archers JOAD Club are paid by Ace Archers, Inc. to provide you with information and coaching so you can grow in archery. But what is JOAD?

JOAD stands for Junior Olympic Archer Development and is organized by USA Archery, the National Governing Body for Olympic Archery in the USA. USA Archery’s JOAD is the first step on the path to the Olympics for youth  (8 to 20 years old). In a JOAD Club you are taught, trained and coached in competitive archery.

Ace Archers JOAD Club also participates in the Adult Archery Achievement Program from USA Archery. The Adult Archery Achievement Program is for adults, for those 21 years or older and teaches, trains and coaches adults in competitive archery.

So what does Ace Archers JOAD do?

Ace Archers JOAD Club

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