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Outdoor Warm-up Tournaments

The 2014 Outdoor Warm-up tournaments are held on 5/4/2014 and 6/1/2014. The tournaments are 72 arrows at a single distance. The tournament starts at noon and runs until the 12th end of 6 arrows is completed. Awards will be distributed after the last end.

There is a single line of  practice starting 11:00 am to 11:45 am and the tournament starting at noon. There are twelve ends of six arrows each for a total of 72 arrows. The tournament is run like a FITA Outdoor; but shorter, a single distance instead of four distances, and not quite so intense. At a Star FITA you must follow the USA Archery Dress Code, but not during our Outdoor Warm-ups. We follow the FITA Constitution and Rules, but not strictly. The main idea of these tournaments is to get ready for the 2012 FITA Outdoor Tournaments. We do award medals at the end of the tournament; but we follow the 1-3-5 Rule. Come on a try a Outdoor Warm-up Tournament!

The divisions are: FITA Olympic (Recurve), Compound Release, Compound Fingers (Seniors only, Ladies and Gentlemen Combined), Barebow and Traditional (Traditional Recurve and Longbow Combined, Seniors only, Ladies and Gentlemen Combined).

The Classes are: Senior (any archer, shooting 70 m, 122 cm target), Cadet (any archer, shooting 60 m 122 cm target), Youth (any archer, shooting 30 m, 122 cm target), FITA Compound (50 m, 6-ring target) broken into Youth and Senior age groups; but all FITA Compound shoot 50 m.

The 1-3-5 Rule is how we award medals. If there are 1-2 participants in a division & category we award 1st place only. For 3-4 participants, we award 1st & 2nd place For 5 or more participants we award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Outdoor Warm-up Application and Information